Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Insanely busy

Since I'm moving in a week (gah), its hard to find time to do much stuff. But anyway i managed to powerlevel Adenosine up to 59.5 now, and Gibster at 51. I swear that 40-58 grind is so insanely painful. Adeno first hit outlands at 58, and got spanked and told to go back to playing in the kiddy pool, so she went back to Silithus for a level. Now she's got a few AH greens and an extra level, she'll come back and finish what she started.

On the third run through I'm actually somewhat impressed about the quest reward tuning. The mobs at 58 are significantly harder than those at 55, and you need to step up your gear quickly. Even the boars will take me out. That said if I can make it through to 60 I'll be in better shape gearwise once i finish those quests and my spells stop resisting so much.

But otherwise, besides Adeno, not much going on. I healed norm. bot on my druid (Gibear), that was fun and very easy for me (the tank had 15k HP, which is hugely helpful). Its somewhat ironic that by the time I'm able to do the instance I don't need the gear from it. I actually look forward to level 80 instances with T4/T5/T6 gear and getting upgrades from a similiarly geared group. Now everyone wants to be overgeared to run the instance, and it's almost not a challenge.