Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tameable Devilsaurs

Oh My. This just increased the Wraith hunter population a million-fold. This is just... I'm so excited, the very first thing i will do when I get Wraith is to get my devilsaur (if it makes it live, but it should I think, its not OP).

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wraith Hunter talents

Well I kept thinking, what type of Hunter blogger would I be without mention of the talents?

Anyway they are here:


Also see here:


The end talents look very interesting, with the ability to tame an exotic pet at 51 points in BM tree. I dont like the steady shot costing ammo now, since as it is we routinely blow through a bag of arrows per raid. Now we'll need either large arrow stacks or larger bags or both. Plus the cost of arrows will double (for MH arrows they are 2g a stack, that's not cheap when you are buying 24 stacks). Since we're still not in the release portion of the game its somewaht silly to comment too much about talents that may or may not make it, but the hunter changes make me excited about playing a hunter.

The most significant change isn't on the talent tree, but is here:

Hunter pets no longer use skill points to learn abilities, they have been replaced by three Pet talent trees (DPS, Tanking, Utility). (WWI)

o essentially you will have a pet that can either do dps, tank, or utility, or some combo of the 3. So pigs may eventually become good tanks again, and hopefully cats will fall by the wayside.

Update: The new pet trees have been revealed, they are here.

Wow, initial reaction is that i'm disappointed you cant mix and match. Apparently pet families will be in one of three trees, dps, utility, tanking. For example cats are in dps and boars are in tanking. The talents look great, there are alot of tank-like aggro grabbing abilities now. However, there isn't much of a armor/health buff on the pet, so they are still going to be quite squishy. And I don't see much to help for PVP (except one talent in the utility tree that allows the pet to break CC).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


From my starter guild/server anyway. The time finally came last week when I realized I could transfer my druid and have my hunter run dailies in half the time it would take my druid, I wouldn't have to continually respec, I could use the synergy from the druid/hunter (druid has enchant, so can make mana oil and DE stuff for the hunter, hunter can provide alchemy pots for druid), and more importantly tag along to a guild kara run and grab loot.

So I did transfer, leaving my wife, 4 toons, and my long standing association with the Ancient Ones (who never did anything and can't seem to down Gruul despite 100 70s (or more). I'm much happier as far as WoW time, I really consolidated alot, and now I have a goal for running instances/kara again. I'm also not doing serious raiding regularly, so that helps, especially when I'm so busy. Anyway, sad to leave Blackwater Raiders behind, but most of my friends have stopped playing on the server, so it's a moot point.