Tuesday, January 5, 2010

JC: Rare vs Epics

Jewelcrafting is all about volume like anything else. The AH for epic gems usually looks like this:

1 @ 180
1 @ 190
2 @ 200
10 @ >200


1 @ 190
10 @ >190

So you can see there is exactly one gem you can cut and make 10g which probably does not even cover the AH fee. This is again a typical setup. Now, you may have every pattern known to man and be able to cut than one or two gems and sell for 250, but those gems move poorly. Since these gems sell for alot the AH cut is high, and margins are razor thin. I still move a few epics but generally they aren't worth your time.

The serious money is in rare gems. Shh. Don't tell anyone I said that.

Rare gems typically look like this.

Uncut: 40 @ 8g
Cut: lowest is 30g.

So post 5-10 at 29g, and reap that 20g profit (1g AH fee, approx). That's each. I typically move 50 gems every day, about 20g profit each, and buy full stacks when I see them cheap. Since I buy in volume I typically can wait until I get a good deal, unlike epics, whose volume is very low. I'm pretty small time, I only have maybe a dozen rare and epic cuts, the more common/popular ones. I would rather have stuff that sells well than stuff that never sells but may give a nice profit for that one that does sell.

Going for the gold cap

Decided I would try to push for gold cap. Inscription still sells, now on both alliance and horde servers, in around the same quantity and average price. On a good day its 1000g gross. I anticipate things will die down now that the holidays are over. Jewelcrafting is still huge, and the ilvl 245 bracers sell (4 on alliance server (higher pop), 1 on horde server). That's 1000g profit each (but keep in mind the cost of buying the pattern - 1-2k).

Its somewhat amazing the difference that JC brings. My set ups are otherwise identical on both servers, 3 bankers for inscription, some other random junk like patterns. On horde side a month ago I had 20k or 10k or something. I now have 60k. On alliance side I had 10k and now have 25k or something close to that. Epic gems are again mostly a waste of time; they are nice for your personal/guild use, but very little profit due to small volume of affordable cut gems.