Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faction change coming 'soon'


This is just. WoW. Although I'm somewhat pissed/sad that I wasted many months leveling a tauran druid when i could easily transfer my alliance druid over. This is just wonderful. Maybe my friend who is alliance can join us...hmm. All those problems of wrong server/wrong faction PVP vs PVE...not a big deal any more. Of course game is 4 bloody years old.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Toon update

I played somewhat this weekend, maybe 5 hours or so. Was a nice break after work and after errands and yard work. My little DK is 78, mostly from running a few quests in the mornings before work. My druid is now 66.5, due to running zangamarsh stuff all weekend. I'm out of rested as of last night, so i'll probably shelf the druid for a while. Just 1.5 more levels until NR! I may just push through this week and get the last 1.5 levels out. Not sure.

I ran LBRS for the first time ever, and also AQ20. Those were fun and very doable for a guild like ours (the first was a run thruogh by an 80 and the second was a 10 man raid of mostly 80s). There was just a ton of stuff dropping; the rare +15 agi pat dropped in AQ, a bunch of BOE blues dropped in LBRS (plus 5 easily obtainable quests). Also i got my seal for BWL, need to finish that quest line up. Last night I tanked Underbog, for the sporegar quests, and got up to friendly with them. That was fun and different; the pug druid sure was an idiot though. No idea of the proper kill order. I had thought i would be cat-feral and resto as dual spec, now i see i need to invest more in tanking since there are never enough tanks. Tanking is slightly more challenging than healing, which is about as easy as dpsing. All i have to say is 360 degree swipe = win.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ti ore

Well we are getting some info on prospecting rates of rare gems from Ti ore (see here). Looks to be about one per stack of ore. So you would sink in, right now, 200 gold, for a stack, and get an epic gem, on average. My thoughts are that ore prices are going to go up and up and up until the patch hits, then plateau for a few weeks, the drop down to a steady state.

But who knows! Now that we have some ideas on the prospecting rates we start to know how much we need to accumulate. The other thing that people are overlooking; with all the farmers in icecrown, I find myself competeing with several people all the time. If I am lucky i'll get a node or two in an hour. That's not much reward for time invested.

BUT! There is another way to do this. GO do WG every day, and reap in the honor. Remember gems sells for 10k honor? If you don't care about PVP, just soak up the honor and buy gems. That would be my plan. The time reward is funner, and you wouuld put in the same amoutn of effort to get 10k as it would to farm a stack of Ti ore.

Update: Well, you never know how the market will react. It seems the chinese gold farmers were out in full force mining the crap out of Ti. On sunday morning there were no less than 10 stacks of Ti, selling at 8g/ore and dropping. I bought 5 stacks or so at 130g a stack (6.50g each). My guess is that i'll break even on the investment, since I don't have any JC tokens in stock. My further guess is that when 3.2 hits, the market will be glutted with Ti, and the gems will sell for 100g each uncut, and 120g cut. Rare gems are already not selling, even the scarlet rubys. The others, i really can't give away. So far JC is a giant bust for gold purposes.

Well, not quite. You see those chinese gold farmers? They were selling stacks of eternal earth for 90g each. And i buoght a few, made some rings (hint next time do the ring that is 1 EE and 1 E shadow which is 1/2 the cost of a EE). Anyway I made 300g that night, selling dust/GCE. However when the EE stacks were 150g I didn't make much of a profit.

Right now i'm back to 2000g on hand, maybe that much again in auctions (which are totally not selling). Now is the time for raw materials; sell your dust, sell your ore. Other than, not much is selling.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toon update

I somewhat collapsed last weekend after working for 2-3 weeks straight. So i played WoW perhaps more than i should have. I leveled the druid to 64.5, and started doing the fire fest. Well, guess i should have completed it, because they reset all of the achievements. So...thanks blizz! Guess i won't be getting that pet after all.

We ran Ahune last night for 4x, and the pet dropped! A guildie got it; i think that's great. Glad to see a guildie getting something. I estimate that the whole event will require 20 hours; not sure if i want to spend that time running around, when i could be leveling my two chars. I started playing the DK again; realizing that doing outlands without rested XP is a kick in the teeth; I went from 1.5 or so hours per level on the DK to 3+ hours per level on the druid. The solution may be just to wait a week and get max rested XP, then get to 68, stop, repeat. I'm really looking forward to doing raids/instances again on the druid though.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nickel and dime

I make all my money from nickle and dime stuff. I found the big things, maybe they will sell, but it will take a long time to do so. I'd rather sell 100 of an item and make a gold, than wait, repost, wait, repost, and finally get a 100g profit. Just my thinking.

People really need to consider the flow of the item, and if prices will come back. The later is really a gamble; for example now Ti ore is going through the roof. Will it payoff? Who knows. I'm sure the guys who have a ton of it and can prospect/cut it on the first day will make tons.

Another example, I made a bunch of infinite dusts when the market was 5g each. Now it's 4g each. Will it bounce back to 5g in the next patch? Who knows. Generally its best to ditch stuff as soon as you can, because the supply is infinite and eventually prices will get lower. However, 5% of thigns the price may get much higher due to development changes.

Also never forget what you are in the market for. For me, i just want my professions leveled and my last epic mount. Once i get that gold I see no point to waste more time getting worthless gold.

One thing i've discovered is that there are a ton of ways to get gold. For example, I could mine for several hours, and prospect gems and make tons of gold that way. Or i could do dailies. Or i could run around barrens and gather herbs. That stuff goes for 10g a stack on my server; insane! I'd make a killing all ways.

People who say they are broke, maybe they are level 20 and that makes sense; but my good friend had 1000g at level 20ish, and 5000gish at level 40. People who buy stuff from AH are insanely lazy (me too). I'll plop down 10g on a piece of armor that'll i'll use for a level. I'll buy pots, etc. I don't really need gold, so I have it to throw around. I'ts not a big deal to spend 100g on the AH, which is almost pure profit to the guy who sold me the stuff. If you are broke, you just aren't trying, at all.

Monday, June 15, 2009


A few milestones for my toons. Bunnykilla hit 77, hearthed to dalaran, got his mount, and hasn't been seen since. Trypsin sucked it up and powerleveled from 55 to 59.5 over the weekend (with only 6 hours of play or so). The grind from 55 to 58 was just terrible; at one point I was doing a quest in winterspring, running back to felwood, run back to winterspring, turn in, go back to felwood, repeat.

I just have to say that the last 50's quests are horrid; the typical quest is to either kill a ton of rare, spread out mobs, or alot of a rare drop, or run to another zone, do the quest, run back. All in all it was taking 15 to 30 min per quest. I found it just as efficient to get a quest, walk there (no mount), and slaughter everything in your path. Being rested is absolutely critical I think, as are the BOA shoulders.

Anyway, now that my druid is 59 i'll probably play her more. Surprisingly i managed to heal ramparts just fine despite most of that gear coming from the level 40s blues. Resto spec is absolutely key. I could have probably done it feral with all outland gear. Anyway i got a nice feral bracer out of it, and a full level (unrested). Hopefully I can run it again for another level tonight.

Still have not touched the professions, was thinking herb/inscription, but now not sure.

Monday, June 8, 2009

toon updates!

I was at a conference all last week, only playing an hour or so total. Anyway, not much going on. Is this the end? I'm buried in Red Alert 3, an insanely fun command & conquer game; I love it because you can pick it up and play for a few minutes, then tab out and do work or whatever. Can't do that with WoW; 99% of the time I come back to a corpse, and a run back.

Played really briefly (one quest) this morning on the DK; he's now 76.5 - very close to flying again! Money is continuing to roll in from various things, mostly just selling stuff i've accumulated. I'd say its 1000g a week all told. Nowadays I spend very little effort on AH; scan, batch post, logout. Vastly improves the gold per time. Now have 1300g with the druid's land mount paid off. Now just need to pay for yet another epic mount (7000g). Druid will be last toon I level in WoW; I am 99% sure of it. I am surprised I am still playing; but I can tell the game is going downhill fast.