Thursday, May 8, 2008

Growl unchanged in 2.4.2

It looks like from all the PTR testing growl is essentially unchanged. Boars are probably nerfed (due to the removal of growl's ability to scale with pet AP), but i haven't seen confirmation of this.

Anyway this is a recap of the issue plus solutions.

1) *something* changed in 2.4, that something was probably the fact that growl no longer fires first. 2) That lead to the charge/growl uncoupling, thus boars got hit hard with 2.4. 3) That lead to Hortus saying that growl will no longer stack with pet AP, thus nerfing boars. Fine. I have no idea if this nerf has still taken place or not. I'm guessing it has. All pets are doing less aggro due to #1. 4) Hortus claims that pet growl now stacks with hunter AP. The reports are not so clear but it doesn't look like it.

The upshot of this isn't that the hunter class is broken, but we need to readjust. Boars are no longer supreme. I went out and tamed a skettis owl (plus another owl to get max screech first). With this owl at loyality 2 (screech trained). I could down the skettis tree giants just fine.

For grinding, you will now need to do the following.

1) Pet attack, wait for growl to fire first. Then steady shot/autoshot. 2) Misdirect whenever its up. Doing this initially will almost guarantee you will not pull aggro. 3) Intimidate when up. Again you won't pull aggro if this is done. 4) FD at mob's half health mark (usually when you are about to pull aggro). 5) If all these are on CD and you are still having threat issues at the beginning, you need to go back to #1. 6) If you pull threat half-way through and all CDs exhausted, hit disengage or just autoshot. I almost never get to 6.

We have a ton of aggro management tools under our belt. We can still grind fine to do dailies and what not. With lower level pets its very painful due to lack of max growl rank. It's always been that way. Hunters are not broken, we just need to readjust our playstyle.


Faradhim said...

An upgrade from super easy mode to easy mode? I say it is long overdue.

Gibbiex said...

That's certainly one opinion. Another is that super casual players would benefit from an unnerfed pig/hunter combo. But those people likely wouldn't know enough to roll hunter and grab a pig asap.

Meh, i think this horse is long since dead and we hunters should stop beating it.