Wednesday, July 9, 2008


From my starter guild/server anyway. The time finally came last week when I realized I could transfer my druid and have my hunter run dailies in half the time it would take my druid, I wouldn't have to continually respec, I could use the synergy from the druid/hunter (druid has enchant, so can make mana oil and DE stuff for the hunter, hunter can provide alchemy pots for druid), and more importantly tag along to a guild kara run and grab loot.

So I did transfer, leaving my wife, 4 toons, and my long standing association with the Ancient Ones (who never did anything and can't seem to down Gruul despite 100 70s (or more). I'm much happier as far as WoW time, I really consolidated alot, and now I have a goal for running instances/kara again. I'm also not doing serious raiding regularly, so that helps, especially when I'm so busy. Anyway, sad to leave Blackwater Raiders behind, but most of my friends have stopped playing on the server, so it's a moot point.

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Softi said...

Ya know, I've just recently done the same - left the server and guild I had been in (with my husband) for almost 3 years and transferred to another server and guild.

It's great to have the fun back in the game again isn't it? :)