Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Seriously bored

I guess like everyone else I'm waiting on Wraith. This game has tons to offer, but eventually the content ends. At this point I have:

1) A Black Temple raiding hunter. Unfortunately I'm overgeared for just about everything in the game at this point. For example, I ran Mechinar (normal), with 3 others, a druid, warrior tank, priest healer. Warrior said he was T5, I didn't check, probably true. The others were fresh 70s. We cleaned house, I did my usual damage which ended up being 4x more than the others (which isn't ego boasting, since the others were a tank and feral druid). Point being even with one person missing and the others not well geared I overgeared the instance. I'd like to raid more, and am starting to, but for ex. today i was put on alternate because we have more than 25 people signing up, and Sunday we did MH, not black temple, due to people not showing up. Typical raid BS.

2) A 70 druid. I love this char, or should. She's resto, and respecing seriously sucks. And there isn't much of a point grabbing gear or doing instances that don't lead to anything. I can't do quests or really anything with this char b/c of the very low dps.

3) 61 lock (horde). I'm bored w/ this char, i can't get past hellfire. It's pretty sad, admittedly.

4) 55 hunter (horde). I play this char with my wife.

Anyway to me WoW is a) raiding b) questing c) PVP.

Well, I did a and c on my hunter and b with everything. So... maybe its time to do something else.

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