Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Black Temple gear vs Naxx epics

Currently I'm using the glyph market to fund gearing up my hunter with BOE epics/blues, who has all but head, neck, 1 finger and 2 trinkets in ilvl187 blues or better, fully gemmed. (getting a dps toon geared without a huge guild is insanely difficult btw - a major reason why I switched servers). Speaking of the hunter, I ran naxx10 last night (one drop in 5 bosses that was even useful for hunters is FTL), so yeah real crap dps, only 1600 on trash and so forth. I went from being right at the tank's level of dps at the beginning to near the top of the chart at the end. Did I get better? What do you think?

No, in fact people got worse. We had two outstanding dps but people kept leaving and getting 'bored', we were constantly 8 manning it with only one decent dps. Of course anyone who is running naxx10 3 hours before weekly reset is pretty crappily geared, so that was true in this case. Hopefully I can get another run in sometime soon.

The other thing about the hunter is that I'm slowly replacing my BT gear as noted, and by and large the so-called upgrades are not huge. For example, my halbard of desolation from black temple first boss with enchant is as good as two one handed swords ilvl 200 without enchants. Granted w/ enchants that is 100 AP difference, and one of the swords has a wasted stat (expertese). But my point being is that black temple gear is about equiv to ilvl 187 gear BUT has intellect and hit to boot. So for example I know my dps level isn't high, but 1) my mana pools are larger than they should be, and 2) I am hit capped (true I gemmed for all hit to get there). So at patchwerk I was doing 2400 dps with only 3 ilevel 200 epics. I see alot of people in my social guild who couldn't dream of pulling out these numbers because their gear is not raiding gear, its leveling gear.

So what's the point? 1) Most likely the tier 9 stuff we are seeing now is going to last to level 85 again and entry raiding at that point in cataclysm. 2) Don't be fooled by thinking that just because something has more AP and crit means its an upgrade, it's very hard for end-game raiding piece (which typically has 6 stats on it, ie stam, int, agi, AP, ArP, hit) to be upgraded by a leveling piece (which typically only has AP/crit) 3) Don't pay attention to gear score in some cases- my hunter's GS was about half of what you would expect for naxx10 level gear. Look at the person's gear. If you are sporting all T6 and Hand of Adal, that player is pretty damn good.

The other point is that I am going to buy items almost every single slot off the AH. Truely I am burning money to do that, probably 10k when it's all done. But anyone can do this. Why do people show up and insist on guilds carrying them through TOC, heroics, and naxx to gear is beyond me, and frankly pisses me off.

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