Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Going for the gold cap

Decided I would try to push for gold cap. Inscription still sells, now on both alliance and horde servers, in around the same quantity and average price. On a good day its 1000g gross. I anticipate things will die down now that the holidays are over. Jewelcrafting is still huge, and the ilvl 245 bracers sell (4 on alliance server (higher pop), 1 on horde server). That's 1000g profit each (but keep in mind the cost of buying the pattern - 1-2k).

Its somewhat amazing the difference that JC brings. My set ups are otherwise identical on both servers, 3 bankers for inscription, some other random junk like patterns. On horde side a month ago I had 20k or 10k or something. I now have 60k. On alliance side I had 10k and now have 25k or something close to that. Epic gems are again mostly a waste of time; they are nice for your personal/guild use, but very little profit due to small volume of affordable cut gems.

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Aloix said...

Good luck!

If they would make it an achievement, that would be a good 'carrot' for me. Alas, I have a bajillion other things I want to do instead. I am fine with maintaining a cushion of abt half-ish or a bit more than that and just not 'worrying' abt gold.