Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Now what?

Well, I have my fourth level 80, and I swore I wouldn't level another one. Already i'm thinking of the next one :) The only toon i have left horde side is my warlock. After being camped in dalaran for so long she might like to see the world again. We'll see. I'll def. try to get the chest piece for 20% more XP, and I think i'll need some shoulders bc I have leather BOA shoulders. May be some time before that happened. Wish you could share badges between toons!

I think the current plans are to max out herb and inscription, get into some raids and get the druid geared up, work on the DK more for heroics. I'd like to get the kirin tor rings (8000g each) but not sure I want to grind up that money. I'll still continue my inscription business and JC, i'm sure there will be stuff to buy in the next expansion, and I need to cover raid expenses.

Maybe I'll do recruit a friend dual-box for a month; should be quite inexpensive if I can buy WoW used or something, maybe do the free trial thing. I could level a paly and a mage or something. From my guildmates, it only takes a month or less to get to 60 using RAF.

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