Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Patch day :(

So, another 6 hours until realms up.

What did I do this week? Make a ton of money off JC. Actually much of it were sunk costs, but still looks like the original 2000 investment netted 6000 or more. So what did I do? I bought the last guild tab! Now unless i get one of those money sinks (like the rings, the Hog, the mammoth), I don't have anything to buy.

Most of the week was leveling the druid, about a level a day. Yesterday at 4pm I hit 80. The later levels were indeed short, I only spent about 3.5 hours from 79 to 80. Thank god I had enough rested to get through it.

I found leveling speed depends on the area; some areas only have one linear quest chain. Which is fun for lore purposes and so forth, but is ultimately quite slow. For example in Zuldrak the Knights of the ebon blade have a mostly linear quest line, and was very timeconsuming and unprofitable. The Argent Crusade guys had a bunch of parallel quests, as did the trolls to the east of them (actually this area was excellent for leveling). Scholozar basin - again nessingway had a bunch of parallel quests, for some of the mobs you were doing 3 quests at once. The frenzyheart quest chain is fun, but not parallel. Bad time sink. So is the Freya quest chain.

I noted that once I got the flying costs out of the way, i started 73 at 100g and finished at 80 with 2000g, paying for training along the way, vendoring greys and quest rewards. So pretty much if you start 70 with nothing you can get cold weather flying and slow flight at 77, with just the quest rewards in game, nothing to do with professions or AH or anything. Then you could finish the level 80 quests for another 2000g or so, leaving 2000g to grind for the mount (or 10 days of dailies).

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