Sunday, March 7, 2010

DK screenies

I really like my DK, the gnome playstyle is so fun, and now that she's an engineer, its just a great combo.

Anyway here are some recent screenies.

My Gnome in her roflcopter! Took a while to get that made, not cheap either.

My gnome on a zepplin, how appropriate!

Speaking of gnomes, this is my favorite scene in WOW; its in Trial of Champions raid instance, a gnome summons Lord Jaraxxas, who crushes the gnome "Trifling gnome, your arogance will be your undoing!". Then you have to battle Lord Jarraxas.

And now some non-gnome screenies.

My Aunt Julie running my little priest through deadmines. Thanks Julie!

My guild facing Rotface (Icecrown boss) for the first time.

My guild after a successful gunship encounter (Icecrown Citidal again). This is a very fun and novel fight in which you jump from ship to ship and battle mobs as they come out. Also very easy.

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