Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BRK - Hunters useless?

BRK has another great post on the sad state of hunterdom. I've been here post OL, but I have never, ever seen a group say 'we need a hunter'. Usually it's 'no thanks, we need real DPS and CC' Instance groups rely on four things. A tank to hold the mob, a healer to heal the tank, crowd control to keep other mobs away, and DPS to pound the heck out of the mob which the tank is targetting. Now, we're pretty good, as hunters, but we're no tanks, and our pets can't compete in instances, where they make short work of pets. Anyway the real issue is that the class is so easy to play, and so many play it, that there is a real lack of other worthwhile classes. So we're almost never in demand. Unless people want you to run through instances 10+ levels below you. Then its' cake.

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