Thursday, September 20, 2007

To switch guilds or not?

So there I was, in the newbie channel, my first night of WoW (eons ago) and this message popped up "Forces of Nature is looking for members!". I replied, I figured out how to do that. I asked what the requirements and application was. He laughed and just invited me. I had joined my first WoW guild.

I steadily progressed through the ranks, and people came and went. Eventually I got the OL, and everything was mostly fine. There were several people my level, and two who just hit 70 (a priest/mage combo), so they could help us with instances. Then things blew up, drama ensued, the priest/mage ended up leaving.

I was torn. I really liked them, being the only other adult in the guild. However, at the end of the blow-up, I ended up second in command of the guild, with the power to promote or kick people out of the guild. And things went from there, that was a month ago. However, recently, my dwarf has been lonely in the outlands, no other guildies around who were willing to group or help out.

You see, our guild fractured, one part having nothing to do with me, and I have nothing to do with them. And there's that allure of the other guild, where the mage/priest left to, and supposedly that guild is a utopia of high level, mature adult players. The issue is I like the power, I like being able to run people through lower level instances without much effort (if only I could rez!).

So mostly my time on WoW is either playing with my wife (me - warrior, her - priest), shuffling bags around (i have too much loot), and running instances for low level guildes. My progression through outlands has halted, at level 65. Quests are hard to get and hard to do (for right now), and i have the best loot i could get without instances. But I'm somewhat broke (supporting multiple alts, plus guildies).

So i'll either a) switch to this new guild, b) start my own guild, bringing along my proteges (if they want) or c) stay in old guild, running instances for people. Tough decision!

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