Monday, September 24, 2007

WoW broken

For me...There is a system freeze issue I caught while upgrading my CPU/mobo/RAM combo on sunday. Went from Athlon 3000+ to Athlon X2 4800+. Nice jump, no noticable effect on WoW or bioshock, oh, except the former doesn't actually work for more than a few minutes. The symptoms include being able to load the game, run authetication, login to your character/toon, and then a few seconds or minutes later, it locks up, hard. Reboot required.

Anyway this has been reported here to Blizzard but no official response yet.

Here are some things to try for those with a similiar issue.

1) Change the file

2) Update AMD X2 drivers (link to dual-core optimizer here)

3) Disable sound or run with one processor.

Update: these have done nothing for me. I also tried decreasing CPU/GPU speed in case it was a heat/power issue).

Update2: Sent the board back (Abit AN52), and got a crappy ECS board. It works fine. (go figure) So i'm happily WoWing when i have time.

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