Friday, January 4, 2008

The Ancient Ones kara recruitment

The Ancient Ones is now recruit for their kara group. We are looking for any and all specs, except MT (OTs are welcome to apply though). We have been doing Kara for 3 months and have progressed to Shade. We want to form a second group and are looking to start Gruul soon, when Kara is on farm by A group. What we are looking for are people who can show up on time and not be afraid to put in 5-6 hours of game time in raid, and who are keyed and reasonably geared for Kara. Keying is your responsibility. We will not key you, but we can help with getting keys. You should have the best end-game 70 gear you can get, mostly quest/instance blues, and arena gear is a plus. We use DKP loot system. You will have to undergo a trial kara run before admittance and access to the loot. We don’t roleplay and are a relaxed group. See below for details.

========================copy and past this to email and mail to gibbie99 at

The Ancient Ones

Guild/Kara Group Application

Character Name:


Armory URL:


Your Date of Birth:
(We strongly encourage you to be above 16 since raids are very time intensive and people who have to go AFK for 5+ minutes will be dropped)

Are you kara keyed? If not which phase of attunement are you?

Are you willing to run a raid for 5-6 hours at a stretch, bring required pots, and able to contribute to the group?

Do you have the required mods? (KTM and DBM)

Location: (City/state/country). Many of us are on west coast or central time zone.

Fill in this sentence with their, they’re and there.

_______ going to the pond to go ice skating, as soon as they gather _____ mittens. They’ll see us _____.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please email to gibbie99 at

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