Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gear upgrades and PVP/PVE

Its a real struggle at first to get the PVP gear. The best bet is to look over your gear list, and plan upgrades to season 1 stuff first. Hit AV as much as you can until you get HP for the upgrade. With luck your upgrade will require AV marks too. If not you will have to play/lose other BGs. On our server Alliance doesn’t win much AB, WSG, or that other one that i never play. We win 90% of AV though. Even if you lose and do decent, the honor is good enough. But maybe your server has a particular BG that your faction dominates in.

Finally note that you will perhaps lose alot when first trying arena. Our 2v2 team went something like 0-40 at first until we got down to a bracket where other similiarly skilled/geared players were. Now we win at least half of games and its much more enjoyable. So dont give up, you’ll still get your arena points even if you go 0-10. Eventually you’ll figure out winning strategies to help you. Consider respecing, I always respec MM for arena, the concusion shot is too huge to miss.

On welfare epics. PVP epics are NOT easy to get. Nor are they meant to suplant T4 raid epics. They can get you in the door of Kara, though, to get those. Do not go into kara with a full set of PVP gear and equate that with well-geared. You are not. You are minimally geared, and still should be fine. Look forward to opportunities to get gear to increase your dps/healing in raids. As a serious raider and PVPer, neither set of gear is easy to get. They are probably about equal in the time commitment scale. It probably takes me 20 hours of PVP to get a piece of gear. I raid probably 10 hours a week, but often I wont see an upgrade. So it’s a toss up. If you are a new 70, by all means try to get that S1 and S3 stuff if you are looking forward to raiding. But don’t mistake PVP gear for PVE gear, they are very different. (except maybe for tanking). We had two warriors leave the guild because they couldn’t understand that their full set of PVP gear meant they should be knocking on Prince’s door as a DPS spec. Nope, doesnt’ work that way.

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