Thursday, January 24, 2008

What new stuff would you like to see?

I'm pretty much a hardcore raider, i spend at least half of my game time raiding Kara.

The fact is, blizz has poured alot of time into end-game progression. Granted many will never get to 70. But its not an impossible task, and believe me when you hit 70 you will start thinking 'what next'. There is a whole other game beyond 70 that Blizz has done great with. IMO the game probably would have died a long time ago w/o end-game content.

That being said, our server (a backwater to be honest) hasn't even seen BT or MH. The most uber of guilds is struggling through SSC. So, yes, its pretty hard to get 25 people that are sufficiently geared to try the 25 man raids. Its nice that they are releasing a new T7 25 man, but I'll never see it most likely (or maybe after WOTLK). And easily 95% of the user base will also never see Sunwell. So i think blizz has done the right thing, in focusing on lower end content such as ZA (that was huge), and the new awesome quests in DWM (that was also huge), and finally in easing 20-60 leveling (also huge). So, really the game is significantly better than it was 6 months ago, or a year ago.

I think they nailed it just right. For example, how would people feel if there was none of the above fixes, there were no dailies, no arena, just an endless progression of 25mans? Everyone would hate it, we'd be bored silly. Even the hardcore raiders (because you can only do kara or others a few nights a week). So would would you add if you were developers? I'd like to see BGs with randomized maps (or at least allow switching of horde and alliance start positions). I'd like to see new arenas (just another few is fine). I'd like to see more dailies and more epic mount grinds (call me crazy). I'd like to see another profession or two, ideally a secondary profession. I'd like to see kara or gruul level 5mans (heroics do not count, the likelyhood of getting T4 or T5 gear from them is very small). Sure, throw in another class or two. What would you like to see?

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