Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Farewell TAO

Last night I told my guild goodbye. It was definately a bittersweet parting. On the one hand, i've known these people for months (up to 6 months). On the other hand, I was getting quite estranged from the guild, and wanted to see more content than they were ready for. I wanted a guild that I had more participation in, a guild that wasn't about all-kara-all-the-time. Also organization, that's a key issue.

I was tired of basing my life around the guild and kara. At peak times we were raiding 5 nights a week, sometimes up to 3am. The new guild has, on paper, strict raid policies, you show up, do your job, and its two nights 4-5 hours. That's plenty of time to get through kara and other content. If you want to go do other stuff on off-nights, that's fine. But the raid will happen at a time and place.

That's the kind of guild I want. And if this guild doesn't turn out to be what it says, i'll find another. The new server is chock-full of guilds that have cleared kara.

Anyway I talked to a friend from the old guild today, and his take was that he would always stay with this guild because of loyality (and was hurt that I was disloyal). However, it's my $15/month, and if i'm not enjoying myself, why the heck am i paying? I look forward to this new guild and leveling my horde alt characters more on Docs.

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