Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Kara run with new guild

Disappointed. We burned through all bosses except Illhoof and Nightbane (the last boss essentially). We had group issues that prevented 10 guildies from showing up. One guildie left halfway through. We ended up with two PUGers which went fine, but the damn hunter PUGer got alot of the loot that i wanted. Damn it.

Anyway, general thoughts. Wow it's fast. When they say 7pm raid time they mean it. I really had to move ass to get home, get house reasonably cleaned up, cook dinner (was my turn), get logged in (with the queue, natch), and get there. As soon as i'm logged in I'm being summoned. I was sorta ready but oh well. Something like 5 minutes after login we're clearing trash. Holy cow. 15 min in, we're at first boss, Attuman. He's a pushover boss but basically asks the raid if you are competent to step foot into 10man raids. If you can't kill this boss on one shot, its not going to be fun for the rest of the raid. Anyway i died due to aggro or something. Annoying.

Next was moroes, I dont remember much, I didn't mess up, pretty sure of that. Didnt' do anything heroic either. Forgot to put stoneskin on my bar, in case of his garrotte attack! Duh.

Ditto for Maiden, she was a pushover, no holy fire on me either.

Opera - we had Romeo and Juliet. Extremely easy fight with enough dps and a rogue/warrior (we had 3 of these). We wiped once due to lack of heals on tank. Other time it was gravy.

Curator was more challenging, we wiped once. The next time it was smoother. We still had 9 ppl in raid at that point. We grabbed that damn hunter afterwords. I forgot to put on the arcane resist trinket. doh!

Shade...clearing to him i almost wiped the raid due to grabbing aggro. So i found this article and am taking it to heart. Basically, hunters shouldn't be grabbing aggro, ever. And if you do, don't FD in place. Instead, run to the tank, then FD.

Anyway Shade. I really hate shade, it's a tough tough fight. We wiped twice due to just bad stuff, usually timings on the elemental spawn, they never spawn at good moments. First time was blizzard, second time was flame wreath. I dont' think i did great on this but i did decent. Laying snake traps at his feet is helpful. Avoiding the blizzards is important. Etc. Finally on the third attempt the elementals spawned, they got controlled right away, therefore not wiping the raid, we dpsed them down easily, and finished off shade. (with 9 people in raid, natch)

(I think at this point we got boomkin? Or maybe after Netherspite).
Netherspite. Pushover! Some simple strategy involving rays. Basically dps take turns standing in the blue ray until 24 ticks, then you get out of it. We take alot of damage or something, I didn't notice. Healers were great. First time i've seen this boss and we one-shotted.

Prince. Prince was damn easy but the first infernal he spawned was right between the dpsers and the tank. So kenny (pig) got a heck of a lot of damage, so I pulled him back to wait it out. Essentially the dps just waited out the infernal, then did mad DPS through phase 2 (tough phase). After that it was easy. Again vent server really helped with coordination (for the Netherspite fight too).

At this point it was late and we were tired and there wasn't much left. We went back and tried Illhoof, but we were too tired/uncoordinated to do him. Usually its an easy boss. For grins and repair costs we tried Nightbane, the big badass dragon. We wiped hard. Not sure what to do for this guy, he's damn tough for sure.

Final thoughts. I really like all the new stuff I got since last kara run and this one (new gems, the alchemist trinket which gives you 40% more mana from pots, a new macro). I ended up doing way too much dps on trash, I died like 5x on trash, not good (especially when this was my first raid with new guild). So for now on, aspect of viper and blessing of salvation on trash. This lowers my threat like 40% and my dps 10%. Then for bosses blessing of might and aspect of hawk, this gives me a 20% dps boost over trash mode. This should handle all aggro problems, hopefully it won't be an issue. Its tough being #1 in dps but getting yelled at because of pulling aggro.

Otherwise the raid was pretty smooth, even with the other mistakes I made and others made (bad positioning on curator/maiden for example). It was also extremely quick, maybe too much so. I also learned that nobody cares if you are #1 in dps if you are pulling aggro left and right. If you piss people off, they will remember that much more than anything nice or good that you did.
I wish we could do kara 2x a week instead of 1x, i need some upgrades there and some practice. I know others need upgrades as well. Not to mention badges (which is the main reason they won't let you do it more than once a week). But yeah it sucks being in a raiding guild and only doing one thing a week with them. Hope that changes soon.

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