Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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Well i finally got to go into Kara last night, the last night before reset today. We had cleared up to Shade at that point (did chess). We skipped shade b/c shade is a PITA, and went straight to Prince. Because we are so slow respawns are an issue. So basically everything is one shot stuff, no total wipes, we wouldn't have time to reclear everything. We get up to Prince, fumble a few times (we had soul stones and divine inspiration to save the raid from a wipe). And on the third time Prince goes down, and what does he drop, but my T4 helm token. By my i mean i wasted almost all my DKP and got it. Now with Prince down, i get another epic trinket, useful for curator and the like. I also hit exalted, so i got my Kara ring upgraded. So that's 3 epics in one swoop. Nice upgrades.

Anyway we were happy Prince was down but still, can't wipe. So we clear to Illhoof, and after a few stumbles (need to get demon chains), he goes down. Again we used soul stone and DI. Finally at close to 2am we go for Shade. Shade owns us like usual. We always get to 40% and elementals respawn, and each time there was a blizzard and elemental respawn. Once i thought we could handle it but raid leader said wipe, so we did. The other time we had no chance whatsoever. So hopefully we'll just get lucky someday and bring down Shade. Shade isn't necessary but very helpful. However we have so many issues with shade, i'd rather skip shade and get gear from Illhoof and Prince, who we pretty much have on farm now.

Further, we got a huge influx of level 70 people recently. That means we should have enough for two kara groups and maybe a gruul run. If not this week then definately soon. People are reading that we have Prince on farm, and they will come to us. Once we start to do 25 mans i am guessing there will be some turnover but also an influx, everyone who can do all of kara wants to do 25mans. So yeah things are def. looking up. I find i dont really need to do kara all week, i have a bunch of the gear from there and we have so many people. Maybe i'll switch to the B team and help them out.

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