Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gear upgrades

Wow, computer died 5 minutes before run, so I switched to J's computer, and managed to get in before Attuman.

Anyway nothing really happened, we had Basso as a paly tank (meaning no trapping for me). So my life was very easy (good, b/c I spent every spare moment trying to feed my pet (bringing wrong pet food, so i had to use buff food!), and getting macros back in place.

No upgrades, not even any hunter loot. Out of 11 bosses. Amazing. Oh well, bound to have a bad run sometime. So I'm planning out my upgrades via Wow Armory.

There isn't anything available until I get to this tasty nugget: PVP bracers. Now I just need to run 20 WSG matches. (err lose 20 matches).

For Gauntlets, Gauntlets of sniping are an upgrade but for 60 badges, and I'd drop my mana/5 in favor of more attack power.

Cloaks. Well i have 2 or 3 cloaks sitting in bank, but I still like my blue cloak the best, because of the hit. Anyway I could grab this one from badge vendor for 25 badges, or maybe find Vengeance Wrap at AH for 1000g, or get the cloak from Shade (that is the real upgrade), or even the Skyguard cloak . Or just use the Prince cloak I have now, and lose the +hit goodness.

Chest piece: Not much here. There is this from Nightbane, I haven't seen it drop yet (but the leather dropped last week to my good friend Stained). I think i'll either have to wait or get the season 3 chest piece.

Legging: Not much, i got the piece from netherspite. The Shifting camo leggings are interesting but according to cheeky's an actual downgrade. Other than that, wait until T5/T6 stuff.

Boots: Apparently the PVP stuff is slightly better than what I have now, for 18000 honor and 40 EOTS tokens. 3dps upgrade according to cheeky's spreadsheet.

Rings: I have the truestrike ring, one of the rare BOE ones, i think i had to pay a guildie 500g because he won the roll even though he's a paly (isn't useful for palys). One reason I left that guild. Anyway, this PVP ring is a nice upgrade, or the one from prince. Or the 25 badge one.

Trinkets: A bunch of them out there. Most hunters try to get the vendor one for 40 badges and the Hourglass from BM.

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