Monday, March 17, 2008

Druid leveling

My reply to this post:

First go here for alot of guides on how to play your drood.

Second, I too hated my druid, she was stuck in the 20s forever! Finally my wife started playing a warlock, and we duoed through most of pre-TBC now. Lock and druid are very powerful. Anyway at 20 you are too low for duskwood, I second the motion to go back to a 10-20 zone such as westfall (or redridge), and do green quests until you can get to 23 or so. I play feral cat like so many others. Some tips that haven't been mentioned.

1) Buy healing potions. The lower level ones are very cheap because alchemists make a ton of them to level up. The first one (minor) can be had for a silver for a stack. Granted that's probably not useful, but get a stack of the best you can for your level. Its money well spent.

2) Second, make sure your gear is up to snuff. If you are dieing alot, hit a few instances and get a few pieces of blue gear at your level. Or hit the AH and buy some greens (never buy blues there, too expensive).

3) Be careful with your pulls, as a feral you don't have the oh-shit button like hunters or palys. If you pull more than two, run away as fast as possible. (make sure you clear a path of mobs away from your quest area before you start killing so you have a escape route).

4) Consider a leveling guide to get you through the difficult low 20s area.

5) Generally if you are fighting just one mob (ideal), you can heal after you kill it. If you have two mobs, generally you'll have to heal midfight. Shift out of bear or cat, pop a potion or renew/rejuvinate, and do the big heal (healing touch?). The initial minor heal will allow you to survive long enough to get the big heal off. If you try the big heal at say 20% life you aren't going to make it most likely.

6) In the early zones there is usually a plethora of people. If someone is killing the same mobs as you, consider asking to join up. You may not get as much xp per kill but the main point is to get through the quests as quickly as possible since the XP reward is much higher now. If you can get through two quests while in a grp versus one quest solo, then you'll gain more XP in the group.

7) Don't worry too much about rested experience as this level. You'll tend to waste more time traveling to and from the inn at a low level than you will actually gain by resting. However: If you don't plan to play this char for a week, by all means head to an inn. As you increase your level and obtain faster transport (ie travel form, mount), generally you will want to rest in an inn if you are putting the character away for a day or so. If you are logging for just a few hours don't bother with the inn.

8) Plan your zones. For 20s, definately duskwood (23+)and wetlands (after duskwood). Those two zones can get through 30. Maybe you need to hit redridge at 20 for a bit as discussed previously. For 30s you have duskwallow marsh (can get you through most of 30 i think with the new neutral town), and of course Stranglethorn vale. STV is best from 30-37, it has a zillion quests to do (esp if you are horde and come from 1000 needles). Once you are out of yellow quests, head to duskwallow. If its your second character, consider other zones, but by and large STV is the best place to get through the mid30s and mid40s.


Anonymous said...

Some good advice. I also found that using your HOT heals (not the long healing touch) usually works better if you don't wait until your health is gone, but then I haven't been using a healing potion usually...

If I'm fighting two mobs I will usually attempt to tear one up if possible before going bear, then bash the second one and do both my HOT heals before they recover. Then back to cat to finish them off.

Gibbiex said...

Great idea on bash. Don't forget entangling roots! Very handy for mid-fight cc. I find I can handle 3 mobs now, one entangle roots, the other two dps down - take one down, put into caster form, pot, HOT, big heal, back to cat form, finish second, then handle 3rd which should just be out of roots by then.

druid rocks said...

my fight sequence against higher lvl's (2-6 lvls higher)normally happens like this..

Cat form, prowl behind them (only with 1-2 lvl higher) and hit them with a skill (forgot the name) that often gives me a crit hit of around 5-6x more than normal (norm is around 60-100 hit pnts, with this ability and a 19.89% crit chance, i get them for as much as 714 hit pnts!!).. then i rake them and hit them or claw until 4-5 combo pnts and hit them with the finishing move..

this is when i normally start healing with regen, then healing touch.. and by that time one of the mobs should die and i proceed to the next one..

same process i do with the 3-4x lvl higher than me but instead of stealthing from behind i use entangling roots on one and switch to feral and try to deal as much damage as possible before the other frees from the roots.. i always use a finishing move before healing mid-fight to not lose and dps.. so far as a lvl 39 druid, i have successfully killed a mob of lvl 42 & 41 and right after i killed the 41 i aggrod another 41 which i healed first before attacking again.. DRUIDS ARE AWESOME!!!!