Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2nd kara run with new guild

Well I rushed home and managed to login at 7:00 on the dot, whew.

I screwed up much less than last time, so that was happy.

1) Attuman, fine, no problems there. Did well holding aggro and trapping.

2) Moroes. This was all fucked up. They told me to trap diamond, i trapped star. So i screwed up two of the adds. It worked out though. Why not blue square, what's wrong with that guys?

3) Staircase leading up to maiden/opera. This is always hard for me. Anyway i aggroed the first group of trash mobs, dunno how i managed to autofire. Raid recovered.

4) Maiden, total joke. I was out of healing range somehow even though i was on the stair where I was supposed to be. I got holy fire but used restorative pot. No problem, saved a death.

5) Trash leading to opera event. The two valets? I think, hard hitting big mobs. Both tanks lost aggro somehow, on both of their targets. I FDed on one, but not the other. Got squished. Not sure how I pulled aggro on second target, the OT was supposed to be generating aggro while we were taking down first target. But as soon as i lay into him, boom, aggro city.

6) Opera - was big bad wolf (no, no rifle :( ) I died as little red riding hood. Haven't done this in so long I forgot how. Get behind the stage props and don't cut corners.

7) Nightbane - much easier this time. I avoided the chared earth, sorta got a sense of what to do with skeletons. Only my second time downing him. Hardest boss there and we one-shotted him.
8) Shade - pretty easy, no problems. They still aren't raid marking the elementals quickly. So basically i just sit around during the boss fight for several seconds while waiting to dps. Worked out. First time I didn't die. Maybe I get this boss now. One shotted.

9) Illhoof. Very easy fight for hunters, apparently tanks had targetting issues. One-shotted. I did well on demon chains.

10) Chess. Dropped my boots, was DE without even asking. Thanks guys. (oh well, i got 3 pieces of gear last week, not complaining). Oh i screwed up on trash beforehand, sending pet to the shackle. Worked out i guess. Damn.

11) Stairs to Prince! Somehow i managed to aggro a trash mob while running up the stair. We didnt know that was possible. Almost wiped the raid.

12) Prince - easy peasy. He was very accomodating with the infernals/totems.

Full clear of Kara in 3.5 hours, no wiped, everything one-shotted. My repair bill was 30g because I'm an idiot. I just have to learn to trap better, and adjust to their pace. My total dps was only 700 and was #3 in dps. Gelsey the lock has T5 loot completely and was 20% above us. I had blessing of salvation which cuts my damage output but reduces threat, and i was using aspect of viper for trash. The raid moves so fast I dont have time to eat after every pull, more like every 5th pull. And i'm the one constantly out of mana. But the mana oil is very helpful for mana regen.

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