Monday, June 29, 2009

Toon update

I played somewhat this weekend, maybe 5 hours or so. Was a nice break after work and after errands and yard work. My little DK is 78, mostly from running a few quests in the mornings before work. My druid is now 66.5, due to running zangamarsh stuff all weekend. I'm out of rested as of last night, so i'll probably shelf the druid for a while. Just 1.5 more levels until NR! I may just push through this week and get the last 1.5 levels out. Not sure.

I ran LBRS for the first time ever, and also AQ20. Those were fun and very doable for a guild like ours (the first was a run thruogh by an 80 and the second was a 10 man raid of mostly 80s). There was just a ton of stuff dropping; the rare +15 agi pat dropped in AQ, a bunch of BOE blues dropped in LBRS (plus 5 easily obtainable quests). Also i got my seal for BWL, need to finish that quest line up. Last night I tanked Underbog, for the sporegar quests, and got up to friendly with them. That was fun and different; the pug druid sure was an idiot though. No idea of the proper kill order. I had thought i would be cat-feral and resto as dual spec, now i see i need to invest more in tanking since there are never enough tanks. Tanking is slightly more challenging than healing, which is about as easy as dpsing. All i have to say is 360 degree swipe = win.

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