Monday, June 8, 2009

toon updates!

I was at a conference all last week, only playing an hour or so total. Anyway, not much going on. Is this the end? I'm buried in Red Alert 3, an insanely fun command & conquer game; I love it because you can pick it up and play for a few minutes, then tab out and do work or whatever. Can't do that with WoW; 99% of the time I come back to a corpse, and a run back.

Played really briefly (one quest) this morning on the DK; he's now 76.5 - very close to flying again! Money is continuing to roll in from various things, mostly just selling stuff i've accumulated. I'd say its 1000g a week all told. Nowadays I spend very little effort on AH; scan, batch post, logout. Vastly improves the gold per time. Now have 1300g with the druid's land mount paid off. Now just need to pay for yet another epic mount (7000g). Druid will be last toon I level in WoW; I am 99% sure of it. I am surprised I am still playing; but I can tell the game is going downhill fast.

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