Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nickel and dime

I make all my money from nickle and dime stuff. I found the big things, maybe they will sell, but it will take a long time to do so. I'd rather sell 100 of an item and make a gold, than wait, repost, wait, repost, and finally get a 100g profit. Just my thinking.

People really need to consider the flow of the item, and if prices will come back. The later is really a gamble; for example now Ti ore is going through the roof. Will it payoff? Who knows. I'm sure the guys who have a ton of it and can prospect/cut it on the first day will make tons.

Another example, I made a bunch of infinite dusts when the market was 5g each. Now it's 4g each. Will it bounce back to 5g in the next patch? Who knows. Generally its best to ditch stuff as soon as you can, because the supply is infinite and eventually prices will get lower. However, 5% of thigns the price may get much higher due to development changes.

Also never forget what you are in the market for. For me, i just want my professions leveled and my last epic mount. Once i get that gold I see no point to waste more time getting worthless gold.

One thing i've discovered is that there are a ton of ways to get gold. For example, I could mine for several hours, and prospect gems and make tons of gold that way. Or i could do dailies. Or i could run around barrens and gather herbs. That stuff goes for 10g a stack on my server; insane! I'd make a killing all ways.

People who say they are broke, maybe they are level 20 and that makes sense; but my good friend had 1000g at level 20ish, and 5000gish at level 40. People who buy stuff from AH are insanely lazy (me too). I'll plop down 10g on a piece of armor that'll i'll use for a level. I'll buy pots, etc. I don't really need gold, so I have it to throw around. I'ts not a big deal to spend 100g on the AH, which is almost pure profit to the guy who sold me the stuff. If you are broke, you just aren't trying, at all.

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