Monday, September 28, 2009

Making money

Well seemingly I haven't made as much as I thought; I invested heavily in raw materials (eternals -> rings -> enchants + dust), and took a risk on the orb markets. I'm only at 9.5k now, 1.5 k profit in the last few days is really nice but I expected a bit more. What i've been doing is the usual enchants and gems, but I found that people really undervalue the crusader and runed orb market. I made a quick 500g profit off runed orbs in trade and another 1000g profit off crusader orbs in the AH. Big risk, but big payoff. Right now there are only going to be a handful of crusaders floating around because the guilds really need them.

At least everything is still selling well, indicative that people are still interestd in the top end raid content.

I would have thought per WOWeconomics that the new drums would sell...not much luck selling them alliance side, and the potential profit margin is small.

Also the BOE ilvl 200 epics are selling well, as are the inscription offhands. That's 100g profit pretty easily. Honestly I am really surprised that people are still interested in endgame, when I can't get a raid PUG to save my life.

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