Thursday, September 24, 2009

New raids

Well the raids are now coming pretty quickly. Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating the opening of TOC, the 3rd tier content of Wraith. Now we have Onyxia back and ready for more DEEP BREATHES.

This creates a challenge for the raid leader. We now finally have a rich assortment of raids to do.

Here they are in order of challenge.

Sarth - Still drops ilvl 200 stuff and T7 shoulders. One drake up is ilvl213 I think. Sarth remains a good investment of time and effort if anyone actually needs T7 gear. You get 4 conquest badges.

Naxx10 - iLvl 200 except KT who is iLvl 219. Naxx is a pretty bad investment unless you have a bunch of newer raiders who want to get geared quickly. A full clear should be enough loot if half of the raid is in BOE/heroic gear. If the full raid is in the state, keep going until you have a full clear or two under your belt. Naxx is a very good introductary raid

Eye of Eternity - a very challenging boss with ilvl of 213 I think. Need to kill KT in naxx to get to her. A very difficult encounter and one most will only do a few times.

Ulduar10 - iLvl 219 - the second tier of raids. Most guilds are still cutting their teeth on Ulduar and it's hard modes. Doable in full naxx10 gear (or even full blues as Gevlon has shown). The key is knowing the fights, knowing how to squeeze the most from your class, and proper consumables and raid mix. Most of the bosses only have a handful of gimmicks, making this an excellent second tier raid.

TOC10 - Third tier of raids. Drops Triumph badges. Dont know much about it, except that the first boss is really a wave of 3 different bosses. I understand the PVP boss is very challenging. Access to Tier 9 tokens. There are two unique modes to this raid instance for each 10 and 25 man.

Onyxia - Tier 9 raid, retuned, same as last time. Drops Tier 9 level goodies. Not sure about the badge type.

Vault - now with tier 7, 8 and 9. This can be worthwhile for the raid to run if you have WG when you are doing raids. Very much a gear dependant fight.

Here's our problem. We've done naxx. Over and over. We're now going into ulduar. Without throwing too many raids into the mix, we now have to prioritize scheduling. Ulduar is and should be first priority. However, everyone wants to see the new Onyxia, and we are starting 25 mans with another guild (just naxx, but still).

So now our schedule looks like this:

Ulduar 2x a week
1x a week 25 mans??
1x a week a random raid. This week it's TOC. Next week maybe onyxia. In this one slot we have to fit in Vault, Sarth, Eye of Eternity, TOC, and onyxia! So...yeah too many choices. Better than just doing naxx10, but we still need to make some decisions.

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