Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I really want.

Wraith has been out for a while, and all of us serious players have many 80s (I have 5). All are at least naxx10 geared, and pretty much all I do for group content is heroics with maybe a raid every week if I am lucky. Now, what I mean to say is that I've done alot of group content, and its safe to say 'why bother'. Why bother, because most of my toons will not see TOC or any hard raid. Why bother, because our guild doesn't really do TOC. Why bother, when I can only raid one night a week for specific content. And I'm not alone. Many in the guild have no interest in raids. Why bother doing heroics getting useless tokens when they can clear the heroic just fine with their dps (say its 1500 to 2000). THe point of the game at level cap is to provide enough challenges so that you are continually looking for the next tier of gear. But if you are not raiding, and dont do arena, really why would you bother with this whole progression? The whole end-game falls flat, and you have two choices. Reroll, or quit.

And I totally agree that the gear increase does two things. It encourages sloppy play and allows someone to be fodder for others amusement. 'dear god that guy is doing X with gear score Y'. I would actually like it if Blizz said, you know what, we are going to impliment gear score requirements for raids. You need to have full naxx10 or beyond (average iLvl 200) for Uluduar 10. And so forth. So I could stop hear the pissing and moaning about how person X sucks and and their gear sucks and they must the be spawn of satan and can't do anything good because they are noobs with shitty gear and jesus why are you even playing the game speced like that. You know, you hear this crap all the time. And I'm so tired. Its not the person's fault really, I put the blame on the RL. If they let people in knowing that they are dropping the average dps by 500 points, and thus wiping the raid because of enrage timers...its a problem. But so often, so so often, is that people do have skill and do have what it takes, but nobody will take them, or people will bitch 'it would be so much easier if you were in gear a full tier better'. And yeah it would, but that's not what we have.

Our guild has alot of talented, skilled people, who don't make gear their live's crusade. And we do hTOC all the freaking time with people who would just be laughed out of PUGs, you know the guys with 1500-1800 dps. Totally adequate, if barely, assuming the tank is good and the healer is good, and everyone knows how to play. And we do, and the bosses go down. But that gets to the main point, which is, what do we do when the most challenging level of content is a quick jousting/3 boss pull that everyone has run a zillion times, and thats it. Now I hear that in 3.3 we are getting new dungeons and I bet they will be of an even higher iLvl than hTOC, and that's cool.

But the really problem is that its just not good enough to design 10 and 25 man raid content; no, by and large, the shit that is run every single fraking day a million times, is heroics. We need more dungeons for each tier of content, and the dungeon should be a tier up. If you look at my handy-dandy chart above, you'll see gaping holes above ilvl 219 for 5 mans. For example I expect to see Uld 25 drops in heroic modes of the new dungeon, and stuff dropping in Icecrown to be tier 10, so that there is a upgrade path for guilds that can't get more than a handful of well-geared people together, so we can actually do some other things besides 10% of us doing ulduar every week. That's what I really want.

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