Sunday, October 4, 2009


Our server was down the other day, so I did something really odd for me and rolled a gnome mage on a high population server. A random nice 80 came by and we got to chatting about raid progression, then he gave me 40g! So, emboldened, I ran around the world collecting various recipes from capital cities. I just posted them on the AH so we'll have to see what sells. Very exciting to start from a clean slate though!

So far got about 30g in sales, used the money to buy more pats and 5 netherweave bags. Life as a level 8 mage is hard, lots of drink, lots of dying. Hopefully things will improve. I don't even have a wand. Professions are herb/skin, already made about 5g off herb (which is a ton at this level). I find the first 100g is more useful than the first 10,000g. What i really need beyond bags is buffs; food buffs, scrolls, etc.

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