Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mage project closed down

I decided I didn't really want to level a mage from scratch, they are too slow. Especially on a new server. I'm still selling all of the patterns and pets I bought, and am up to 600g. That's 12x return on investment of 40g. Still its a fun server, i may revisit it someday.

For now I'm doing the halloween event, and dipping into inscription. It pays surprisingly well. I'm already up 1000g after just a few days of posting. I look forward to increasing my volume.

Volume and having the right mods is crucial. Doing it by myself using auctioneer was just horrid.
Even though the market is crowded if you are nimble enough you can get in. I dont AH camp, i just check every day or every 12 hours and see what sold and repost. Basically i'm not trying that hard. I want to use the funds to help my first toon Gibs all geared out as much as possible. Now that I have space for 3 more toons the inscription project becomes more and more practical.

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