Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tailor/herb for money (or monetizing the level grind)

These are my thoughts on how to go about making money from scratch.

Level 1-10

With all the vendor junk, you have *just enough* to train. You need money to train, its critical. So, for your first toon, you need to start picking up stuff from say level 1-10. After that, if you are smart you have two gather profs, and you have a AH alt, and you are selling all your white stuff by sending it to your AH alt. The economization at level 10 is vastly different from 80, where a SINGLE HERB is enough to fund your training for 10 levels. You can go to the herb trainer, look at the herb supplies. They often have single low level herbs, grab them. Go to the AH. Sell them. I made 1.3 g from this. Not enough to get bags, but enough to train and start ignoring the 3cp grey items.

Level 10-20
Once you are level 10 you should have several stacks of herbs. Sell them on AH at the same price as the lowest price. This may or may not be enough to buy a netherweave bag. You can buy a few mageweave bags to hold over. At this point you can start to ignore the vendor trash and focus on herbs and white items.

Buy a magic wand ASAP (also buy the level 13 wand) , and some minor mana potions. These can be had for under 50s total. The magic wand is pretty vital.

Once you have 10-20g you can start buying stacks of netherweave cloth and rune thread, and ask a tailor to make bags for you with 1g tip (if that's cheaper than buying bags).

Level 20-40

At level 20 you should have enough to have 8 bags (4 for you, 4 for your AH mule), and your mount (lol - its what 5g now?). You are pretty much set for life at this stage. Continue to accumulate white and green items, sell them on the AH. Every new town you hit, buy the recipes, sell them. Especially cooking recipes.

Level 40-60

By level 40 using this you will have several hundred gold readily. Buy your epic mount, drop your skinning prof and start to level tailoring. Buy whatever you need from AH slowly, over a period of a week or two. The trick is to buy several stack of linen, wool, silk, etc. every day. You may have to farm for wool in stockades or elsewhere. Linen and silk should be dirt cheap. I think you can start to make mageweave now, so get ready to sell the mageweave bags. Not huge money makers, but 5-10g every day isn't bad at this level.

Level 60-70

By level 60 you can finally make netherweave bags. This is your bread and butter. Know the market, love the market. Buy cloth when it's low, make bags when prices are high. You may have to wait. Cloth is cheap on the weekends, bags are expensive during the week. It never fails. You will make at least 10g a day and up to 100g.

Level 70-80

By level 70 you can start your NR tailoring and make the frostweave bags. This market is competitive right now, but you should be able to make some money. Look for the other bag patterns, and consider rep grinding to get them. For example, nobody sells herb bags any more. THey are pretty useful. (The 28 slot one sells for 600g on our server, I imagine with 100g profit) Same thing with mining bags (although I think LWs make those). Sapphire spellthread is very popular but you need exalted with wyrmrest to make them if I receall. You will burn through tons of cloth in NR, untnil you hit the bag making phase. At that point you can safely make bags until at least 440 (its still green at that level).

Irregardless, if you've been picking flowers the whole time you should have 5000g when you hit 80. Buy your mount and enjoy raiding! (You will have about 2000g from quests alone in NR without factoring in training costs, which can be huge)

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