Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Questions to ask while on a pile of gold

This is from Phase 3 Profit!

  1. How long did you spend on making gold every week?
  2. How much you earn a week ?
  3. Do you really need that much ?
  4. Where are you going to spend your extras ?
  5. Is there anyway can increase the amount you can get ?
  6. Is there anyway can decrease the time you need ?
  7. Will the method you are currently gather gold be obsolete soon ?
  8. What’s the last time you get a new method for profiting ?
  9. Is it fun at all ?
  10. Planning to share what you had learnt ?
1. I spend about 1-2 hours each day making money. Right now my Dawnbringer market has cooled and I'm just not that interested, so I am switching to my little mage.

2. Its quite variable. At the height only 2k or so per week. Most weeks less than 1k. I don't really make money for the sake of making money. At 15k now I dont see much point of making more money.

3. Not really... See #2 But as of now I still can't afford the gold-sinks.

4. I will probably leveling professions in the next xpac and hopefully use this as seed capital. One thing I've learned in WoW, you need money to make money. I spent my entire fortune on crusader orbs to reap a 2000g profit. And who knows how much things will cost in the next xpac (cataclysm).

5. Yeah I have some nice businesses, when they work it works, but its actual work, ie not fun. That takes a few hours of making and a few days of selling for 1-2 k profit.

6. Can I decrease the time. No not to my knowledge, I can't. The game doesn't allow automation.

7. Not really. I don't depend on fad items to make my gold. I stick with tried and true methods.

8. All the time. Last week. There is always something new to be learned. My colleagues are so much better at making money, that's why I peruse econ blogs and forums regularly.

9. I think its fun, but that's just me. At a certain point the rest of the game is somewhat static. I enjoy 'beating' other people with something of tangible value at stake. Yes, you may have ganked me 10x in BGs, but I just took your last cent from your stupid under-cost auctions.

10. I do what i can herein. Although since nobody reads, I guess my secrets are safe!

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