Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Attumen, Moroes, Maidin, Opera downed

We downed the first 4 bosses of Kara last night, the first 3 were one-shots, meaning we didn't wipe on the boss at all. The Opera event was not Oz, but Little Red Riding Hood (LLRH), a fun event where the boss (the big bad wolf) randomly turns you into LLRH, you can't attack, you just have to run like hell (if you are a non hunter). If you are a hunter just FD. We took him down with 3 hunters, two BM (Llad and me) for the huge DPS output, and a survivalist. That undoubtedly helped.

Actually i found myself quite useful. First boss, well, not so much, we had to close in to the boss for complicated reasons, and I didn't do much damage. Thats ok. Second boss (Moroes), since I'm a dwarf i can get out of his garrot ability, which will kill you in 3-5 seconds, plus the survivalist and I team trapped an add for crowd control. Maiden i just DPSed like crazy, chugging a pot if she holy fired (and she did, but only once to me). Opera I did the FD trick and spanked.

Anyway really busy but very proud of our group. As of now we have first half of Kara on farm status. Tonight is the wipefest known as curator.

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