Friday, December 7, 2007

money making

In response to this article on WOWinsider

I'm pretty good at making money. That said, you need to do different things at different times to make gold. At low levels, you need to farm those mats such as small eggs, and definately have at least one gathering profession. Mine/skin is good for pre-outland. Herb is fantastic, not many do it, so there seems to be a benefit for that. Otherwise farm for mats that others need. Spider silk from ashenvale spiders (among others) is always in demand and sells for a gold or two each. All those green items that drop - sell em or disenchant em (and sell the mats you dont need). All the white items (white text), sell em on AH. All grey items, sell to vendor.

In OL, its a little different. Greens have a hard time selling on AH (for me), and skinning starts to suck. Mining is hugely profitable, and jewelcrafting becomes useful (but not profitable until youve sunk 1000s of gold for patterns). Herb is fantastic in OL, you can fly around to destinations, grab a herb or three, by the time you get there you have a stack which sells for 15g (on my server). Thus i strongly recommend herb in OL for that reason.

Further in OL there are things that will sell for alot, for ex rep grind tokens that are sellable (from scryer/aldor), coilfang armaments for CE, etc). Fishing and cooking also become hugely profitable.

I don't do much crafting but my guess is none of the crafting profs are actually profitable, nobody wants your lame crafted items. Crafters always make the mistake of selling for cost of mats alone. Its as cheap to farm for mats for pots, put it on the AH, and buy the pots from AH. This is probably due to a lack of understanding of economics by some (and those who do can't compete w/ those willing to lose money or break even on their crafts).


faradhim said...

I have over 100 GP for a level 31 character and over 50 for a level 24. Is that typical or am I just really good at making money? Craft doesn't suck, it is only a matter of how to apply it. :-)

Gibbiex said...

Like i said, i never crafted, but I do know they do tend to be money sinks. How much of your profit comes from selling crafted items? The issue for me is that 1) Crafted items tend to suck at lower levels, and there are a plethora of them, so nobody buys them. 2) To get people to buy them, crafters will post their items at cost on AH. 3) When you look at the AH price of a crafted item relative to its material cost, its usually the same. Therefore I think its quite difficult to make a profit from crafting, esp at lower levels.