Monday, December 10, 2007

Curator downed

In historic news, we managed to down Curator. We earlier last week cleared the first few bosses of Kara, and spent the rest of the week trying Curator. Literally. I think i was there Wed until very early in the morn, i skipped thur/fri/sat i think, and finally we all got together last night and brought him down. It's all kinda a blur, but after so much effort to down the boss, we were stoked. Of course the T4 Hunter/lock/mage glove token dropped, and we had 3 hunters and a lock and a mage. The lock won. Gratz to her, (even though it wasn't an upgrade) this person has been very helpful to me (and is the SO of the main tank/guild leader), and she's a great person really, so whatever.

Raid composition i think is key. we had:

Main tank - prot paly
healer: holy paly, holy priest
dps: lock (some type) mage (fire), 2 BM hunters, 1 MM hunter, 1 shadow priest.
Oh, and the retro paly (laugh).

I think all the ranged dps (6) was key, we were all sufficiently geared (all of us were near identical in dps output, I was #2 in whole raid, #1 was the other BM hunter in kara gear)

Chess event came, this nice leather belt dropped. I was debating rolling for it, but i saw the healer roll for it (a priest, yes i know priests cant wear leather), so i passed. And she got it, and she's basically flustered because she obviously misrolled so this epic equipment is now useless, she'll have to vendor it. Oh well, not sure how much an upgrade that would be, and its leather. Maybe good for arena though.

Anyway that's this week's kara. Time spent: prob 20+ hours. Gear obtained: zero. (but void crystal, dagger (useless), and sidegrade bracers from last week). I think my new policy is Kara 2x per week max (and be firm) and no later than 1am here (we finished 1:15 last night i think)

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