Monday, December 10, 2007

WoW again in news, unfavorably

Fox has a big flashy story about the evils of WoW and its ilk, mentioning several recent horror stories about players of the game and unspeakable real-life violence. I think all things should be done in moderation, and WoW can be as addictive as anything else. That said, it certainly isn't a breeding ground for wackos. But if there are 9 million people playing, then there are bound to be a few serial killers and other wackos. Its like driving a car, by demographics some car drivers will be wackos. I dont think the game is inherently good or evil, its what you make of it.

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Faradhim said...

Since our government is developing software that will detect terrorist in the World of Warcraft I say they will probably keep us safe from Wackos.

Check this out.