Thursday, December 13, 2007

BRK list of enchantments (sorta approved)

From BRK, and i'm somewhat paraphrasing, but this is what hunters should have.

Melee 2h Weapon: +35 Agi or Savagery
Ranged Weapon: +10 or +12 Damage
Helm: Glyph of Ferocity
Shoulder: Honored Aldor/Scryer inscription
Cloak: +12 Agi
Chest: +6 All Stats
Bracers: +24 RAP
Gloves: +26 RAP or +7 Agi (+15 Agi is good, too)
Leggings: Cobrascale or Clefthide armor kit
Boots: +12 Agi

Update: Woot! BRK hath spoken. Sorry for the implication that his list was an 'official approved list'. But anyway I agree, this is a great list of enchants to have. Now as for the gear..tough call. Personally I'm going for a mix of arena stuff, Kara stuff, and BG stuff to replace my end-game quest blues/greens. The arena stuff is great for +sta, but I find myself unsatisfied w/ the quality of the BG stuff. The Arena season 1 stuff may be better. As for time, I managed to get 2.5k honor last night in an hour or so of work, and another guildy confirmed they got 7k (or maybe 9k, can't remember) from 5 hours of AV. So that's not too bad, but consider you need about 90k to get a full set of armor plus the gun (the Arena S3 ranged weapons are perhaps the best in the game).

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BRK said...

Oh ho, hold on sassafras!

That's not quite what we meant you to infer from our little quest. Yes, these are good enchants but not "exactly" what every hunter should have.

Take the crit-scope for example. Once you enter Kara and get the xbow from attumen, you'll want to get crit-scopes. They are very expensive, which is why we don't think every hunter should get one.

And there's more, but it's late. Need beauty sleep