Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Well the 4th came and went. I think the sad thing for me is that I really wanted the fire festival achievement and pet, and misjudged when the event would end. Well, it ended and i was 5 hops from geting it done. Now i have 600 of the emblems that will just rot i guess. I opened a petition but I dont have much hope. I guess life goes on. If i was that type of player i'd have titles on all my chars, etc.

The good news is that with all that running around my DK went from mid-78 to 80! And just in time to tank Kara on sunday. It went okay, i pulled too much once and we pretty much wiped. Other than that it was smooth sailing, as expected from 8 80s and a 72. All the gear rotted pretty much. But! 4 patterns dropped, everything in kara. 3 enchants, and the gun +hit for engineering. So we're super happy about this. I think there is some incentive for some to run it again. We tried gruuls lair but it was just too much for us. Maybe if we had a paly or warrior, but I couldn't generate enough hate and wasn't geared enough to take the substantial hits. It's designed for 5 tanks. Anyway we'll have to see if we can get it done later.

Also my little druid is no longer little, she's officially 70 (now mid-70), and the last toon i'm leveling (as of now i guess). I still have the lock at 73 and my alliance hunter at 75. So...we'll see. I did most of Borean tundra, ran nexus and got my 2 blues (nothing decent). I'm still at least in half outland gear, which is sad. Leveling in NR is very tough for me, basically healing every pull. If there are two mobs, forget it. So just like hellfire.

Future plans? Well continue leveling the druid; doing isle of QS dailies (great and easy, but not as good as NR stuff - but easy!), then hit SMV and netherstorm. By then i'll be 72 or 73 i guess. Skip over to dragonblight, at 75ish go to scholozar basin, then storm peaks. I'm surprised i'm tanking so much on that toon, now that i'm out of hellfire (and DK starter zone). It's better than DK tanking, but still.

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