Monday, July 13, 2009

Toon update

Was in Chicago for most of weekend, at a conference. My thought about leveling the druid for a few levels in outland proved to be quite painful. At one point it was 10 hours per level, vs 5 hours per level in NR. After level 71.5 i moved to NR and things are moving decently there now. Still having some trouble with mobs as dps is still low for NR. Druid leveling is just slow! But no downtime, that is a plus. Can't wait until we can get heirloom cold weather flying. I'm saving up for the epic flyer now but I'm very low in funds having bought tons of BOEs for the DK.

On that front, started doing argent tourney, spent about 3000g to make the tanking blue set and 3 BOE epics. Thinking of getting the titanisteel destroyer, but it's really expensive (8 titanisteel, 2 frozen orbs). I tanked hUK for the first time last week, then did hUP and hHOL. For the last two we had to swap out people to get better dps. My tanking dps is very low since all i have is +defense stuff, and that makes tanking a pain in the ass. Further, no upgrades from heroics yet, although now i have 3 under my belt and things should get better all the time.

At this point I have 2500g and the AH market is getting pretty cold, hard to make money nowadays. Still, i'll keep doing the JCing and hopefuly cut blues will sell decently. Currently most of them are only 30g or so each, far cry from 80-100g in TBC. Its actually decent money just to level, about 60g per hour, but training costs are very high. I'm not looking forward to the training costs for the druid; i think it will be about 300g per level. Well, if it's money I need I can now just grind out dailies; two hours of icecrown dailies/quests would yield at least 300g. I really just want to push the druid through and get to 80 as quickly as possible and start doing some heroics and naxx, I really want to raid a bit more than I am, and given that the choices are a dps (hahaha) or a DK (haha right), the druid is the best chance for me to get into PUGs.

Did ZG for the first time last night. I think i won't do that again, it was just pretty boring. Pretty much like ZA but bad gear and every time you loot a corpse it drops some rep crap, but there are like 10 of them, so you end up rolling a zillion times and with a ton of junk in your bag. I finally wised up and just stuck with the lock, brought 10 stones, and got someone to tank. Its ironic i think that we have a bunch of tanks but only the officiers are healers (xiola, Tsu, Asharr). Tanking is fun, but jees guys go resto or holy pls!

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