Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sam Raimi to direct WoW movie

I don't normally reblog stuff from WI, but this is so huge: Sam Raimi (Spiderman, Evil Dead 1-3) is directing the WoW movie. This says two things to me (who hasn't been keeping too much track). 1) Looks like they have enough funding to start production of the movie
2) The WoW fanbase and the Raimi fanbase likely overlap greatly, so pretty much we just have to see it, just to see Ted and Bruce. Bruce should be the main actor, no question. There is no way this movie could be good enough to be taken seriously, thus putting bruce into that role will just asure that it's taken as a light fantesy flick, rather than risk the whole immersion thing (which frankly has never worked for a movie tie in to a video game).

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