Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mount grinding

Also i now realize i need two specs for the DK, so that's more money to burn. However I dont think i will need to buy the druid any more gear. Right now I'm just focusing on getting the druid ready for 3.2 and getting inscription up, which is doing quite well profit-wise. Anyway by this morning I had 3500, 1000 on druid, 1000 on bank already, 1500 on gibster doing dailies. Looks like I could get the mount by the end of the weekend if I do two hours of dailies each day and things continue to sell.

Making slight profits on bags, inscription, some red gems, some ore that i don't prospect, and of course recipes, which i say is half of my sales profit (other say 25% is inscription, 25% is random junk)

Gems - need to be careful there, we don't know how much in value the blue gems will drop. Maybe some, maybe not; but I'm really hestitant to buy into the market right now. However raiding is definately picking up, saw alot of raids formed yesterday. Get ready for inscriptions, gems, and enchants via trade come 3.2 - trade is going to be insanely busy for first few weeks come 3.2.

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