Friday, July 24, 2009

More mount grinding

Hit 5k mark this morning, figured i need another 1k for dual spec DK and 1k reserve. So keep grinding!

Things that are going well: glyphs, ore, bags, recipes, dailies!. So far getting about equal profit from dailies and AH, but AH is streaky so hard to tell. Titanisteel is a huge profit margin, I didn't realize. JC isn't selling much at all, plus the nice jewelry requires dragons eye (1 day of JC daily), so alot of investment for not much reward. I really need those tokens!

Going to try and work on DK dps set, and start leveling the druid.


As of Saturday night I have 7000g. It's just amazing; I have never made so much so quickly. What's selling? Just like usual, recipes, glyphs, ore, titanisteel. I would do an hour of dailies on the hunter, few minutes at AH, then some quests on DK. I'd login to bank char every 4 hrs (on saturday), rescan, repost. I never saw recipes sell so quickly. My feeling is that people are coming out of the woodwork to prep for 3.2, and it's going to be a huge patch for people like me.

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