Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Almost Kara Keyed!

So last night, after much begging and abasement, my new guild ran me through Shadow Labs to get my first key. It was *long*, the key is at the very end of the instances. It took about 5 hours to completely clear it, but we did pretty well. We wiped a few times on trash 6-pulls, usually bc of a DC or a runner (which would aggro another set of 6 mobs).

I was the highest on the damage meter! I know we hunters shouldn't get too excited about that, but consider that all the others had better gear that me, and other ranged dps'er (a lock) had nearly full epics. I had a few blues but mostly quest reward greens. Think about that, if I was doing better at my job than a guy decked out in epics, then I will kick unholy ass when I get to kara and get a full set of gear from there (which may take a very long time, granted). Anyway, i've done half a dozen instances in the last week, and I'm getting much better. Not too much trap breaking. Not too much deaths (there were a few stupid deaths on my part though, those trash mobs really hit hard!). Once i got into the rythem i was pretty good. It also helps that everyone else knew the instances and knew the bosses. Surprisingly, the bosses weren't extremely challenging, we didn't do wipe after wipe on them.

Anyway after than, we ran steamvents briefly to get another piece of the key, so i just need arcatraz. I didn't get any boss drop blues :( The sonic spear, unfortunately, didn't drop off of murmur (very sad). I'll love to run SL again to try and get that spear though. Whats nice is that i'm the highest level hunter in the guild, which means, at least for now, any hunter gear that comes my way I can grab without competition.

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