Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More hunter gear - helms

Another on my semi-random posts of good gear for 70 hunters.

First, this is the cream of the crop, at tier 6. You wont get it any time soon if you just hit 70. Forgetaboutit.

However, there's this pretty good quest reward from SMV (Stalker's Helm of Second Sight). Thottbot says its a pretty easy quest too (not a group quest), but dismiss pet before you kill the big bad.

And finally when in Kara look for this (Cowl of Defiance) and this (Steelspine Faceguard).

Interestingly, the total RAP from the quest reward (Stalker's Helm is just as good as the stuff from Kara. The kara gear has more INT, but the Stalker has 3 gem slots! So you can massively increase your RAP with that quest reward.

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