Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hunter weapons at 70

Lets talk about the weapons, since that list is nicely available. As you can see,the weapons are scored based on a statistic (HAP) that indicates how useful the item is for hunters. There are three things that are useful for hunters: pet hit point/armor, which STA helps, mana pool, which INT helps, and ranged attack power, which AGI helps. STR is worthless, SPI is not really helpful at all. Avoid those two at all costs. The items you want to acquire depends on your purpose. If you want to go PVP, then a large mana pool is real useful, as is STA to some degree. (I'd take a large mana pool over RAP any day in AV).

So anyway, PVP - more focused on burst damage and a large mana pool, so +crit is good, +int is good. PVE - instances, you want +STA for your off-tank pet, you want +INT to not run out of mana, but mostly you want RAP, AGI, +crit, and +hit.

So with that in mind, how about the [Sonic Spear] vs [CrystalForged War Axe]

SS has great stats: +hit(24), +atk(62), +agi(35), and +sta(30). Great for increasing your attack power and thus DPS, and also helps you hit those 70 bosses. The total increase in RAP is ~160

CF Axe has huge +sta (50), but also +atk (80) and +crit (27)

Clearly the axe is inferior, but you can get at the AH, whereas the Spear requires Shadow Labs runs, which isn't cakewalk for non-kara geared folks.

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