Monday, October 22, 2007

More Guild Drama

I also switched guilds, again. "Hands of the Light" just wasn't working for me, so I went with Jalee/Soon's guild, "The Ancient Ones". No hard feelings towards HOTL, but I couldn't get anything done. It took me on average 24 hours /played to gain levels (maybe less, but not much), because no one would help, everyone wanted run throughs, etc.

Ancient Ones is a end-game guild; there is nobody serious there who doesn't have a 70. They do Kara, but casually. So far a good group of people, but I just don't know many of them yet (but those i do know i like alot).

Guilds are like families, but you have to find your fit. For example, after I left HOTL, my old guild leader Votaire decided he wasn't happy there either (he had my first guild Force of Nature merge with HOTL, so he could step down as GL). So I asked if he wanted to come to Ancient Ones. He came, and left the same day, went back to his old guild FON (is GL of it now i guess). Meanwhile all the old FON people are split into four guilds; some which I don't like are in a guild I won't mention (b/c i can't remember and don't care), some are sticking with HOTL, some are in AO, and some are back at FON.

I'm glad i went to Ancients, its the only guild I've been in that is actually doing Kara and is serious about it. HOTL wanted to do old end-game stuff (which would be fine if we had already cleared Kara and couldn't do more, but it requires serious time investment to get attuned to those instances, as bad as Kara). FON is a leveling guild, strictly for 50s and below. That other guild, well who knows what they'll do, probably not much (because the GL is an ass and everyone knows it). Anyway, it's sad to split off from people i've known for 4 months, but I really need to move on, I haven't much time to spend with guildies when I don't get anything out of it, since I play with my wife and my RL friend (separately), I don't have much time to play on my main, and if I was stuck running instances, i would have zero time (which was the case for a good month).

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