Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Level 70 gear for hunters - overview

After you hit 70, the way to advance is through gear improvement. The difference between the well-geared 70 and the quest-reward geared 70 is about two-fold (which is huge). There are a number of paths to take to get this:

1) Arena (the arena rewards are quite good, but hunters are terrible at Arena play)
2) Battlegrounds (the rewards as far as I can tell are not great)
3) 5-man instances. These provide very good gear, but requires a group of 5 people. I found that its quite difficult to do this with PUGs (pickup groups) who have no idea what they are doing. (describe more fully here)
Anyway instances are fun, but so far have yet to bear fruit. If i only had a guild that I could run instances with! (oh wait, i do, but they won't let me go...)

4) Auction House. There's actually a good deal of gear at the auction house from bind on equip stuff that drops in the world. For example this axe looks good to me, and at 70g is a bargain. But its probably not currently in AH, since its a rare item. BRK has a whole (as usual excellent) post on Hunter gearing for Kara, using mostly AH stuff (or maybe all AH stuff)

Anyway this list has a bunch of hunter weapons and where to get them.

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