Monday, October 15, 2007

no Hunter deadzone?

Wow, this is just huge. Well, i had a huge commentary on the issue that i posted, but i didn't get the confirmation email (with the comment) yet. So i'll post that later. But basically, yeah, this makes hunters much easier to play, esp. in instances where its often quite tight quarters. And i'm tired of hearing people say 'oh hunters suck', true there are a zillion hunters out there, and true they are easy to play. But we're pretty vital. My friend Faradhim (priest) says the game is much easier when i'm on (actually too easy, we can coast through any quest, and there are no red quests available). Anyway, this is a good thing.

Oh, here's what i said on WoWInsider.

68 hunter main here. I'm pretty good, but not BRK (but
who is?).

Deadzone, yeah I rejoice. But I also just got through a teaching a
training session explaining how our entire reason for being is making
sure mobs are at range. So now no deadzone somewhat nerfs this. But
I also thought, while doing the training session in ZF, that most
instances are pretty hard for hunters, with LOS and deadzone issues.

Almost impossible to kite like you do out in the open (by kite i mean
move around in a circle, not run away like in UBRS). So this will
mean kiting is so much easier in instances now. What most people
don't realize is that we still have huge issues:

1) Line of Sight (nuf said).
2) You must be standing still to place shots.
3) Our best shot, steady shot, has a 2 sec cast time. Means it can and will be
interrupted easily by PVP people or mobs.
4) We still won't be able to use ranged weapons in melee. We'll still get our butts kicked by warriors in melee, most likely.

Finally, yes this will make hunters easier to play, but its also very easy to distinguish good from bad hunters. Really, you can do it in 10 seconds. Do they break CC? Can they kite? Can they trap? What's their shot rotation? Are the serpent stinging trash mobs? Pretty dang easy.

Oddly, BRK has been silent on the issue so far.

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